Using a Camp Oven Trivet

Today I want to talk about using a camp oven trivet, 10 years ago when I started Camp oven cooking, everybody told me to go out and buy a trivet and put it in the bottom of the camp oven, instead of teaching me heat control.

mick holding a camp oven trivet
In most cases, you don’t need a trivet in a camp oven.

So that way your food doesn’t burn and being a beginner right you listen to those around you as you think they have more experience than you do.

But further on down the track, when I learned more about heat control, I figured out the didn’t need to use a camp oven trivet.

What is a camp oven trivet?

Basically, a Camp Oven Trivet is used to keep the food up off of the bottom of your camp oven, the camp oven trivet is a metal rack that creates a space from the bottom of the oven to the food you are cooking.

What is a camp oven trivet for?

A Trivet is primarily used when cooking meat or dampers or other food that you generally bake or roast in a camp oven to prevent burning.

Some reasons people use a trivet.

  • Let Fat Drip Through
  • Steaming/Moisture
  • Better Airflow

Should I use a camp oven trivet?

The short answer is No, you don’t need to use one, however, it totally depends entirely on personal preference. I recommend that you hone your camp oven cooking heat control skills so that you don’t need one.

There are a couple of reasons I still use one, that’s for cooking my Baked Silverside Recipe and cooking things in containers like a cake tin.

Where can you buy a camp oven Trivet?

Pretty much any camping store that sells camp ovens will sell trivets, a couple of my recommended places are Snowys, Tent World and Anaconda.