What is a Potjie?

In South Africa, a potjie (pronounced /poiki:/), directly translated “small pot” from Afrikaans, is a traditional round, cast iron, three-legged (tripod) pot. It is similar in appearance to a cauldron and is usually black. It is used to cook potjiekos over an open fire.

What is a Potjie?

A Potjie is a three legged cast iron tripod cooking pot primarily used in south affrica like cooking pot, called a Potjie, pronounced Poi-kie.

Is a Potjie a camp oven?

No, however, the Potjie is often confused as a camp oven because its also made of cast iron and uses coals to cook. But if you want to call it a camp oven so be it.

What size Potjie do I need?

In Australia the commonly available size sold at most camping shops is a size 3 potjie which is 8 litres and will feed 5 to 10 ppl when full.

Tip: If you are after different sizes, there are some south African stores here in Australia that may sell other sizes.

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