How to Store Your Camp Oven

Have you ever gone to use your camp oven only to find it’s covered in rust? In today’s article, we talk about how to store your camp oven properly. Storing your camp oven correctly ensures your camp oven is clean and rust-free ready for your next camping trip, and it’s easy to do!

How to store your camp oven photo of mick holding a campfire camp oven bag.
Im using a 9Qt Campfire camp oven bagBuy One

Make sure your oven is clean and dry and using some cooking oil and some quality paper towel to add a light film of oil to prevent any surface rust.

If you have just bought your camp oven, make sue you follow this guide to prepare it for first use.

Next you want to get your self a camp oven bag, from your local camping store or even online at places like Snowys or tent world.

Like this one I have here from campfire, its made of heavy-duty canvas has padded walls and reinforced handles to ensure your oven is protected.

Now place your camp oven in side the bag and zip it up and store in a dry place until your next cook.

As an added bonus I like to use a strap to secure the lid to stop it from bouncing around the bag.

if your looking for recipes, check out my website I have over 50 free camp oven recipes.

Watch how to store your camp oven video!

Read the how to store your camp oven guide

holding a camp fire camp oven bag

How to Store your camp oven

Total Time: 5 minutes

Make sure your oven is clean and dry

Camp Oven Ready to use

Make sure your camp oven is clean and rust-free before preparing to store your camp oven to prevent surface rust from forming on the surface of your camp oven. If your not sure what method to use please refer to this guide.

Oil your camp oven

How to Store Your Camp Oven | The Camp Oven Cook

Using some cooking oil, (spray oil also works well), and wipe it thoroughly inside and out with a quality paper towel. You don’t want to leave it too oily.

Storing your camp oven

place camp oven in bag and zip up

The best way to store your camp oven is in a camp oven bag. I’m using one from Campfire as they offer great protection to your camp oven at an affordable price and readily available at most camping stores or online at places like Snowy’s and Tentworld.

TIP – To prevent the lid from bouncing around when transporting your camp oven, I use a cam buckle strap to secure the lid.

Estimated Cost: 15.00 AUD


  • Camp Oven Bag, I’m using a 9QT Campfire Camp Oven Bag
  • Strap (optional)


  • Cooking Oil
  • Paper Towel

Materials: Brand New Camp Oven pre-seasoned camp oven, I’m using a 9qt Campfire Camp Oven.

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