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We went camping at Darlington Park with some friends for my son Zachary’s 9th birthday, and he wanted to make a birthday cake, which was quite easy. I thought I’d share with you what we did.

Easy Camp Oven Birthday Cake

Now that I accepted the challenge I had to figure how we were going to make a cake, and, of course, because we were camping it also had to be very easy to do.

I decided to use a simple 79c home brand cake mix and bought some pre-made chocolate icing and Malteasers for the decorations.


  • 1 cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 40 grams of butter
  • Premade chocolate icing
  • Malteasers


Step 1. Pre Heating the camp oven

To preheat the camp oven I placed heat beads underneath and on top of the camp oven. To cook the cake I used a 9qt OZtrail camp oven, a trivet and a bundt cake pan.

Tip: I used the trivet on the bottom of the oven to create space between the cake pan and the oven to help prevent burning to the bottom of the cake.

Birthday Cake


Step 2. Mix the ingredients!

I put the ingredients into a bowl and mixed it up using a fork for a few minutes. It’s best to follow the directions on the cake mix packet.

Birthday Cake


Step 3. Cooking the cake!

I poured the cake mix into the cake pan and put the lid on the camp oven and started to cook the cake.

Birthday Cake


Step 4. Baking the cake!

I forgot to keep track on the cooking time, however, it seemed to cook fast. I made sure I checked the cake regularly so I did not overcook it. To make sure it was cooked in the centre, I placed a skewer into the cake and it came out clean so that meant it was ready.

Birthday Cake


Step 5. Decorate the cake

Allow the cake to cool then take out of the cake pan and put on to a plate. I forgot to grease the pan so the cake stuck a little bit but hey we are camping? The kids had fun smothering it with chocolate icing and Malteasers.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake


Step 6. Sing happy birthday

Everyone enjoyed eating the cake, especially the Malteasers!

Birthday Cake


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  1. Really good idea. We have a Winnebago m/home and my wife often bakes a cake in the microwave when we have electricity. Now we will be able to use our Camp Oven when we don’t ! Hurrah!!! Thank you C.I.B’s
    Please wish Zachary a very Happy Birthday. He shouldn’t forget his 9th Birthday party! ! !
    Malcolm and Sandy Cunningham

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