What is a Camp Oven lid lifter?

Updated on October 7, 2020
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Camp Oven Lid Lifters are a must-have tool that allows you to pick up your hot camp oven lid without burning your fingers.

The commercially made ones come in all different styles, but they all achieve the same goal. Also, there are many different things you could also use as a lid lifter.

You can pick one up at most camping stores, or you can even buy them online at Snowys.

What is a Camp Oven lid lifter? | The Camp Oven Cook

Types of Lid Lifters

  • Standard Lid Lifter – The standard lid lifter is the most common commercial made lid lifter and readily available from most camping stores, it also offers better stability when lifting the camp oven lid.
  • Tent Pegs – A tent peg can be used as a lid lifter, especially if you’ve forgotten to pack your lid lifter. However, tent pegs offer no stability when trying to lift a camp oven lid.
  • Fencing Wire – If you forgot your lid lifter, then a lid lifter bent out of wire will save the day. However, I would not recommend it as a regular solution.
  • Stick – Although not my first choice, and if I forgot to pack my proper lid lifter, a stick would stop me from burning my fingers, so it’s an option.
  • Multi-Tool – A multi-tool can be used to lift the lid on a camp oven, but it will bring your hand really close to the coals.
  • Welding Gloves – A pair of welding gloves are great; they allow you to handle your hot camp oven and should be included in your kit anyway.
Products Recommended By Mick

Camp Oven Lid Lifter

This lifter is made from heavy gauge steel, with a spiral handle which will suit most camp ovens.

$7.90 @ Snowys

Campfire Protective Leather Gloves

Make lighting your BBQ so much simpler and faster with the BBQ Charcoal Starter from Darche.

$15.90 @ Snowys
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