How to restore a camp oven with Coca Cola

Cleaning Rusty Camp Ovens with Coca-Cola“, I know what your thinking, can this be done?

I had the same thought! In our Facebook group Camp Oven Community I regularly see this question gets asked: “how do I clean a rusty camp oven?“. I often see people comment saying try using Coca-Cola so I thought I’ll try it out for you all to see how well it works.

Things you need:

  • One rusty camp oven
  • Enough Coca-Cola to cover
  • A container to put your camp oven in

Step One.

First, you need to collect all your items together, the best bit about this process is it only requires a couple of things. The rusty camp oven I have chosen is only a two-quart camp oven as this process will get quite expensive the bigger the camp oven you have.

Step Two.

Now that you have collected all of your items the next step is to place your camp oven into your container and cover the camp oven with the Coke. Place it somewhere out of the way for about 12 to 24 hours.

Cleaning Rusty Camp Ovens with Coca Cola

Step Three.

During the process, I checked it regularly to see how it was going. This photo was taken in at the six-hour mark and looks pretty good to me however I left it until the morning.

Step Four.

After 24 hours I took the camp oven out of the coke and gave it a scrub under running water and dried it. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the process as it actually works really well.

Final Notes:

If you are looking to clean a rusty piece of cast-iron that is lightly rusted this process works really well. However, if you are doing a large piece of cast-iron it will get quite expensive to do this process.

If you have any thoughts or have tried this yourself, please place a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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