How to season a camp oven

One of the most common questions we always seem to get is “how to season a camp oven?” so I guess that’s why you here today reading this article.

I have prepared this step by step guide that I have taken from a video of the method Nick learnt with Derek Bullock from Camp Oven Cooking in Australia!

how to season a camp oven

Seasoning a Camp Oven with a Hooded BBQ

Total Time: 4 hours

  • Assessing your camp oven

    How to season a camp oven | The Camp Oven Cook

    Derek and Nick have a look at the camp oven and found it’s not really rusty. Today they are just using a mild dishwashing liquid and steel wool. This method is also good for brand new ovens.

    Not sure what method to use to remove the rust? Follow my “how do I restore my rusty camp oven” guide.

  • Time for some elbow grease

    How to season a camp oven | The Camp Oven Cook

    Not much we can tell you about this step! Just remember it will take some time and to give it a good scrub all over. If you come across some stubborn rust remember you can use a wire brush.

  • Make sure the camp oven is dry

    How to season a camp oven | The Camp Oven Cook

    It is really important to make sure you dry the camp oven before you start on step 4. The best way to do this is to leave the oven in the sun for a few minutes to dry or just use a towel.

  • Time to oil the camp oven

    How to season a camp oven | The Camp Oven Cook

    To oil the camp oven we recommend you use a lint free rag or very good quality paper towel. You only want a thin layer of oil in the camp oven. It’s best to put some oil on your rag and spread it around all over your oven.

  • Seasoning a camp oven with a hooded BBQ

    seasoning a camp oven in a hood BBQ

    The key to seasoning a camp oven is that you get the oven very hot and then allow it to cool down. Doing this will allow the oil to soak into the cast iron and make it have that nice seasoned surface.
    How do I put the camp oven in the BBQ?
    Simply place the oven in upside down on the grill plate and put lid upside down on the BBQ plate. Doing this will minimise oil pooling up.
    What if I don’t have a hooded BBQ?
    You can do it in the home oven or over the fire, as long as you can get it really hot.

  • Check the temperature

    How to season a camp oven | The Camp Oven Cook

    Now close the lid, turn on all the burners to full and let it bake for about 30 – 40 minutes.

  • It’s done.

    how to season a camp oven

    Now that the camp oven has been in there for 30 – 40 minutes, turn off the BBQ and allow to naturally cool before removing. When the oven is cool it is time to inspect it. If you don’t think it is done then repeat steps 4 -7 again, in some cases you may need to do this up to 3 times. If it is seasoned enough then simply give it another thin coat of oil and then it is ready to use or store. Enjoy!

Estimated Cost: 10 AUD


  • Cooking Oil


  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Scourer

Materials: Rusty Camp Oven

Watch the video!

Frequently asked questions

What oil do I use?

Now you can ask this question to multiple people and they will all tell you something different. It all comes down to personal preference but just remember that the oil has to be one you would use for cooking. I prefer to use vegetable oil.

Do I need to season a brand new camp oven?

No. Generally when you buy a factory pre-seasoned camp oven they are ready to use straight out of the box. However, I do recommend following my “Preparing a brand new camp oven for first use” guide.

What is Cast Iron Seasoning?

Seasoning is just process of baking cooking oil onto the surface of the camp oven, It helps prevent rust and also gives your camp oven natural non-stick like cooking surface. Need to season a camp oven? follow my “How to season a camp oven” guide.

I tried to season my camp oven but now it’s sticky?

This will happen if way too much cooking oil is used to season your camp oven or possibly if you didn’t heat it for a long enough time. It may be fixed by heating it again.

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