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preparing a brand new camp oven for first use

A detailed guide to show you how to prepare a brand new camp oven ready to use.

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YUMMY Camp Oven Recipes

Everyone loves eating a damper while camping, we have a delicious range of 50+ free camp oven recipes, like stewscasserolesdampersroasts and desserts that are sure to satisfy any appetite and can be cooked by anyone.

Mick’s Roast
Lamb Recipe

This is Mick’s signature camp oven roast lamb recipe, using the brown sugar marinade as it creates a crispy skin that’s delicious and can be used with lamb shanks.

Camp Oven
Lamb Shanks

 This delicious slow-cooked camp oven red wine lamb shank recipe by Shayne Mexon This recipe only requires bottom heat in a camp oven or even in a potjie.

Camp Oven
Osso Bucco

This beef osso buco recipe by Nathan is absolutely amazing and simpler to cook. This recipe only requires bottom heat in a camp oven or even in a potjie.

Mick’s Camp Oven Tip

“ If you start too hot too soon you will ruin your food. ”

Mastering heat control when you start camp oven cooking to me is the hardest part, Master this and everything else is easy.

Start out with less heat and after ten minutes check it, if you think it’s not hot enough add more coals, wait and recheck it, until you feel you have it at the right temperature.

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Camp Oven Cooking Education

How long does a camp oven take to cook?

Cooking times in a camp oven are the same as cooking in the home, however, you are controlling the heat via coals, briquettes or gas. This guide will help, click here.

How do you cook a roast in a camp oven?

Cooking a roast in a camp oven is the same as cooing a roast at home except for your manage the heat via coals, Briquettes or gas.

How do you use a camp oven for the first time?

When you purchase a brand new camp oven you need to prepare it for first use, no matter what brand this guide will help, click here.

How do you use a camping oven?

A camping oven is used to cook food in while camping, however you need to manually manage the heat, this guide will help, click here.

Mick’s Camp Oven Cooking Tips

Camp Oven Cooking in Australia has gotten really popular in the past few years, especially camp oven cooking with heat beads it can get quite overwhelming when starting out, here’s a bunch of my tips to get you started.

  • Don’t overthink it, it’s meant to be simple, fun and easy.
  • Master heat control and everything else is easy.
  • Keep your camp oven away from the direct heat of the campfire.
  • Only use a trivet if you can’t control the heat under the camp oven correctly.
  • It’s ok to use detergent to clean your camp oven.
  • The more you do it the better you get at Camp Oven Cooking.
Mick’s Quote

Food Tastes Better cooked in a camp oven!

Who Is Mick?

Mick is a loving husband and a father of three boys, who found his love and passion over ten years ago to teach and inspire others to drag out their camp ovens and have a cook up, no matter where they are.

With a lack of educational resources for camp oven cooking available in 2011, mick started on a journey, to create content to help others learn and enjoy cooking camp ovens just like he does.

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