Australia's biggest damper

Australia’s Biggest Damper

Have you seen Australia’s biggest damper? Were you lucky enough to visit the Australian Camp Oven Festival at Millmerran this year? If so, you would have seen Ned Winter’s Australian-shaped camp oven filled with a freshly baked damper. It was on display in the judging tent for the cooking competition.

Didn’t make it this year to the Australian Camp Oven Festival? Click here to see my photos.

Australia’s Biggest Coolest Looking Damper

In preparation for it being on display at the Australian Camp Oven Festival, Ranger Nick and Ned Winter’s grandson Jason Beckman baked what’s led to being the largest damper in Australia. They did it all under the watchful eye of Ned at Ned’s Corner.

Australia's biggest damper

Recently when I caught up with Ned Winter he told me that he made the Australian-shaped camp oven to be known for something big. He went on saying that “if Coffs Harbour can be known for a big banana, why can’t I be known for an Australian-shaped camp oven!”

Australia's biggest damper
The iconic camp oven cooks a damper that is 1.5 meters wide!

According to Ranger Nick, to make the damper it took 48 kilos of flour and 36 litres of water. Ranger Nick said they both were well and truly over mixing flour but it was a worthwhile experience.


I thought it might have been the biggest damper and hey, let’s admit it’s the coolest looking damper, being that it’s in the shape of Australia. I’ve just been told by my camp oven cooking mate Derek Bullock, that there is a bigger one.

The largest damper bread

The Queensland branch of the Scout Association of Australia made the largest damper bread, weighing 1.63 tonnes 3,593lb 8oz at Mount Crosby, Queensland, Australia on August 31, 1991.


Longest damper bread

75 scouts from the Glimåkra Scout Troop baked the longest damper bread, measuring 125 m (410 ft 1 in) in length, in Glimåkra, Sweden, on 9 September 2006 The bread was 125 m (410 ft 1 in) long, it weighed 50.2 kg (110.7 lb) before baking, 42.5 kg (93.7 lb) afterwards. It had a diameter of 3.5 cm (1.38 inches) and a circumference of 12.0 cm (4.72 inches).


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