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I’ve been using Heat Beads® and their BBQ Starter for a long time as it’s an easy and consistent heat source for camp oven cooking. When I first saw a post on Facebook  Heat Beads® brand new product, the BBQ Chimney Booster, I thought to myself, why would I want my heat beads ashed over faster?

So I thought I better get one to give it a try, I decided for this test that I would compare them by having a race, you can guess which one came first!

  Step 1.

 Simply place 3-4 Firelighters onto the BBQ Chimney Booster, and light the Firelighters using a match or lighter.

heat beads

 Step 2.

Now you place the Heat Beads BBQ Chimney filled Heat Beads® on top of the BBQ Chimney Booster ,and turn on the booster on.

 Step 3. – Get Set, Go!!

Now that we have them lit, we just wait. I’m off to start getting the lamb ready to cook.

heat beads

We have a Winner!

After 15 minutes the heat beads are ashed over and ready to cook my Rockin’ Roast Lamb Get the recipe Recipe Here

Final Notes!

Wow I’m really impressed with the bbq chimney booster, i had Heat Beads® ashed over in 15mins, at first i was not sure if there was a need for this product, but if your trying to cook for a lot of people it will defiantly help you pump out plenty of Heat Beads®.

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