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As a family, we never get a lot of time to go camping, especially for longer than one night, we have started to leave the camper trailer at home and take the swags, but we need to take too much gear, especially for cooking.

So recently we decided to sell the camper trailer, and build an enclosed camp kitchen trailer, I’ve been building this since December and finally, it’s ready for camping, wahoo!

Camper requirements

The main goal was to have a usable kitchen that’s ready to go with minimal setup and plenty of space for storage for all the camp gear.

  • Kitchen Sink with Water Tank and pump
  • Pantry for food storage
  • Designated space for Plates bowls and cups

for Cooking, I will have the Camp Chef Australia Explorer 14 2burner stove with a cooktop addon and frypans and camp ovens.

Hopefully, my camp Kitchen build will inspire you when making your camp Kitchen, I have used it for a 10-day camping trip and it was amazing!

Watch the camp kitchen trailer walk around video

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