Camp Oven Hotpot

Hayzy’s Camp Oven Hotpot

This tasty camp oven hotpot features sausage and chorizo and cooked on the OzPig. This recipe was one of the winners in the Great Aussie Camp Oven Cook Up.

Cook times:

45 min cook time

Oven Size:

9qt camp oven


9 plain sausages

4 cheese Kransky sausages

2 chorizo sausages

2 onions

1 tin of crushed tomatoes

1 capsicum

2 tablespoon honey

1 1/2 cups water

3 cups of frozen mixed vegetables

1 Packet Masterfood hotpot slow cooker packet mix


Step One.

Cook the Kransky and chorizo in the camp oven to brown for five minutes, then cut into chunks.

Camp Oven Hotpot

Step Two.

Add onions and frozen vegetable mix. Cover with tin tomatoes.

Camp Oven Hotpot

Step Three.

Stir in packet mix, water and honey. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Camp Oven Hotpot

Step Four.

Add capsicum, salt and pepper and stir well.

Camp Oven Hotpot

Step Five.

Cook for further ten mins.

Camp Oven Hotpot

Step Six.

Serve with crusty damper and enjoy

Camp Oven Hotpot

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