Jalapeño & 3 cheese dumplings

These jalapeño & 3 cheese dumplings are a winner on top of a casserole or stew cooked in the camp oven! The perfect cheesy combination with a kick!

This is the dumpling recipe to go on top of the Beef Shin & Red Wine Stew.

Prep time 15 mins 
Cook time 20mins 
Cooked in 14″ Metters camp oven on top of a stew. 


3 cups self-raising flour
1 cup cream
300ml mineral water
Large handful finely diced jalapeños
1/4 of a cup of each cheese finely grated & very loosely packed
Cheddar, parmesan & chilli pecorino
Salt and pepper


Step One

Place all of the ingredients into a bowl.


Step Two

Mix with a knife but don’t over mix as you want a sticky dough. Put spoonful blobs in the stew. Place the camp oven lid on, coals on top then cook until golden.



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