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How to make an Upside Down Fire

I know what you’re thinking, an upside down fire, HUH? Picture this – you’re either camping in the great outdoors or at home in the comfort of your surroundings.

You’re relaxing in your comfy camp chair and warming your toes by the fire. You’ve got a glass of your favourite beverage in your hand, and you’re completely relaxed because you do not have to get constantly up to tend to the fire. Now wouldn’t that be total bliss!

I always make a teepee style fire, but when I found out about the upside down fire, I knew I had to give it a go. It burns clean with minimal smoke and, gives off more heat and requires less attention.

The upside down fire is more used for heating as it does not create many coals but perfect for cooking stews.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Wood.

To make an upside down fire you will need some kindling, small, medium and large logs. The bigger you make the stack, the longer it will burn without the need to add more wood.

How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

Step 2 – Stacking the Wood.

Start with the biggest logs and lay them flat in your fire pit. Then cross-hatch each smaller layer of wood until you’re up to the kindling.

The more stable the structure, the better it will be. The structure won’t be as compromised which will lead to better combustion for all the wood, right down to those big logs at the bottom.

How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

Step 3 – Lighting the Fire.

Place your firelighters in the kindling then light them and relax by the fire.

How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

Step 4 – First 25 Minutes of Burning.

The first 20-25 minutes will be unspectacular as the fire burns its way through the kindling and the fire gets going.

At about the 35-minute mark the flames will be roaring, and the fires smokeless state will be apparent.

How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

Step 5 – After 1 Hour of Burning.

So as you can see the bigger the stack of wood the longer it will burn. The upside-down method also works well in combustion wood heaters and indoor fireplaces too.

This technique results in a higher heat for a smaller amount of wood as well as far less smoke and ash, which is great.

How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

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How to make an Upside Down Fire - Fiskars AXE

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