Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking

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Picture this; You’ve just run off and bought yourself your first Camp Oven and excitement you’ve tried cooking with it and burnt your dinner!

Sound familiar, don’t worry it’s happened to us too [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”] Heat control is something that is learnt by trial and error, below are some tips for beginners that will help you understand how to manage heat control.

These tips also apply if you are using Heat Beads to cook with.

Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking

1. Pre-Heating your Camp Oven

While it is not necessary, placing your camp oven near the campfire while you are preparing your ingredients this will help warm up the oven ready for cooking.

Pre Heating your camp oven | Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking


2. Understanding Heat Placement for Cooking

If you are unsure if you need bottom or top heat, just picture how you would prepare the dish at home.

If you’re placing a pot on the stove top, then you just need bottom heat.

If you’re putting the dish into the oven, then you need top and bottom heat on the Camp Oven.

Bottom Heat

Bottom heat is perfect for cooking wet dishes like stews, chillies, soups, casseroles or even boiling water.

Bottom Heat | Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking

Top and Bottom Heat

Top and bottom heat is ideal for cooking meat, poultry, potatoes, vegetables, bread, damper, cakes and more.

Top and Bottom Heat | Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking


2. Understanding Heat Control

Heat control is something everyone struggles with when they start camp oven cooking. Just remember if you start off too hot too soon you will ruin the food. It’s best to work up to the right temperature.

So basically start off with less heat and after ten minutes check it, if you think it’s not hot enough add a few more coals until you think you have it at the right temperature. I’m sure you would rather wait ten more minutes for it to be ready than have to run to Maccas ?

[wp-svg-icons icon=”fire” wrap=”i”] When cooking with an open fire don’t place your camp oven directly on the camp fire. use a shovel and take the coals you require and place them on your camp oven. Doing this will allow you to be able to better manage your heat control.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”fire” wrap=”i”] It’s best to make your camp fire with good dry hard wood, as the coals tend to stay hotter for longer and require less coals and management. However If you dont have acess to good wood you will still beable to cook with those coals it will just mean you will need to use more coals and you might have to change the coals more often.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”fire” wrap=”i”] If you are cooking food that takes a few hours, just remember to change the coals when needed.

Check your heat | Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking

Mick The Camp Oven Cook

Mick The Camp Oven Cook

Mick is an experienced camp oven cook, who loves teaching others how to use a camp oven. Cheers Mick

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4 thoughts on “Heat control tips for Camp Oven Cooking”

  1. Thanks Mick, now I know where I went wrong lol
    have never tried heat beads but will definitely
    Try this on my next camping Adventure.

  2. Hey mick glad i found your page love my camp oven cooking you have some great tips have bin using heat beads latley find it a lot easier to control heat will have to keep eye out for those coconut ones thanks for your great ideas keep em coming
    Cheers mick b

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