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Yesterday afternoon I was flat out like a lizard drinking when I got home from picking the kids up from school, and that’s because my AUS-ION Flaming Skillet was sitting on my front door step!

The kids couldn’t get one foot in the door because I was in the way while I was opening the parcel to check it out and my first impression of it was just WOW!

At that moment, I knew I had to drop everything I was doing and had to duck up to the shop to get me a steak! I got home and chopped up some firewood and lit the Ozpig up so it was ready to cook me a steak for dinner!

Solidteknics AUS-ION Carbon Steel Flaming Skillet [wp-svg-icons icon=”fire” wrap=”i”]

The Flaming Skillet is made from one 3mm thick piece of low carbon mild steel. The diamond pattern is CNC punched which means there are no rivets or welds that will fail while these pans are designed for hard working chefs I do see why so many home chefs have fallen in love with them!

The best bit is that all of Solidteknics products are and developed by food-loving engineer MR MJ Henry.

For more information on the Solidteknics range click here

To find a retailer click here


Seasoning The Flaming Skillet

There is no need to strip any toxic factory oils and do your own pre-seasoning, as they come ready to use straight out of the calico bag. But I decided to give it a quick season in the hooded BBQ while I was getting the camp fire ready.


Cooking my steak in the Flaming Skillet

While I won’t claim to be able to cook a perfect steak, I sure know how to cook it the way I like it. Firstly I preheated the skillet and then started to cook my steak.


Almost done, I only cook my steak for a couple of minutes each side then add some salt and pepper to season. When it’s done, I let it rest for a minute.

Another thing I like about this pan is the handle. It’s comfortable and the long aerated design helps keep the handle cool.

Solidteknics AUS-ION Carbon Steel Flaming Skillet

Dinner time! Can’t complain about that steak, it was delicious!



For more information on the Solidteknics range click here.

To find a retailer click here.



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