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Have you ever had a time when you have lifted the lid of your camp oven and had nowhere to put the lid except in the dirt?

I have lots and lots of times so today I got a chance to have a look at the CampMaid Multi Tool, and it is not just a lifter that holds the lid of the ground it’s also a multi-purpose cooking device that works well with Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes.

What’s in the CampMaid Box?


  1. CampMaid Multi-Tool
  2. Charcoal Holder
  3. FlipGrill
  4. Kick Stand

NOTE: We are looking at the CampMaid 4-PIECE KIT Available Here

What do all the bits do?

The Multi-tool allows you to lift the lid of a camp oven, but with all the accessories it can steam, smoke, stew, bake, roast and even BBQ some meat. We have described what each item does below;

CampMaid Multi-Tool

The Multi-Tool’s main purpose is to lift the lid of your camp oven while the coals are still on top and to hold it securely and off the ground. It can then can be used as a stand for serving, keeping food warm and your hands-free.



Charcoal Holder

The Charcoal Holder holds your coals in place for a direct heat source to your camp ovens. It creates a windbreak for your coals and an even heat distribution when you cook on top of it.



Flip Grill

The Flip Grill allows you to turn your camp oven into a steamer, a grill and a smoker.




The KickStand is an easy way to lift and store your lid while it cools.

CampMaid KickStand


What are my thoughts?

I had a chance to have a good look at the multi-tool and even cooked up dinner for the family while I was at it. the Multi-tool is cleverly designed and well made and even comes nicely packaged but most importantly, it’s handy, has multiple uses and even packs down for easy storage in a 9QT Camp oven. For more information and to buy one check out



Watch the CampMaid Promotional Video!

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  1. I have recently moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne. Can you suggest somewhere not too far away that I could sit by a river, light a fire and cook in my camp oven?

    And secondly I am considering the next location and activities for a work conference. I wonder whether it might be possible to get a group of 80 people, in small groups, to light a fire and cook a meal. To enable this I would need to find a suitable location, source ovens and find people that lead the activity (I wonder whether this is something for the Cast Iron Boys). Comment?
    I would be happy to call to discuss if you are interested.

    1. Hi, Darron, Welcome to the gold coast, I’m not sure about a fire by the river but there some awesome spots to go camping that have nice creeks and allow camp fires. Have a look at this site they showcase some nice cheep places and even has videos.

      We are always interested in working with ideas. You can contact us on 0417753898

      cheers Mick

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