Have you tried making pumice stone fire lighters?

Have a try at this method for a economical and reliable way to start a fire!

This handy little tip for using pumice stone fire lighters was sent in by one of our followers, Adrian Fiddy. Although we have not tried this ourselves, however after a little research on the net found that it works very well. They’re also reusable, so once you’ve got yourself a small collection of stones, you’re pretty much set! All you need is some kero and a pumice stone or two.

  1. Find some pumice stone that’s washed up on the beach and dried out dried out.
  2. Then put it in a sealed container with kero or metholated spirits, and let it soak for a while.
  3. You can put one or two in to start the fire, just remembering to not over crowed the sticks or branches to allow for enough air flow.
  4. Then in the morning take the pumice tone out of the ash put back in back into the container with the kero.
So next time you find some pumice stone on the beach, take them home and turn them into recyclable fire lighters!



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