Camp Chef Explorer 14

Camp Chef Explorer 14 | The Camp Oven Cook

Today, I will be doing an unboxing and a review of the Camp Chef Explorer 14 Camp Stove, Camp Chef is an American brand that’s been around since 199. And now starting to come to Australia. They produce a large range of camp ovens, smokers and more.

The camp Chef Explorer 14 features a large cooking area, with two burners, removable legs and a wind deflector.

Camp Chef Explorer 14 | The Camp Oven Cook

Camp Chef

The Explorer 14 stove, is durable, versatile unit that packs enough power in its two 30,000 BTU burners

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This freestanding stove offers a lot of cooking options for any avid camp cook, not only could you put a camp oven, a pot, a kettle or a frypan you can also buy an assortment of addons like a bbq hot plate, hooded grill and even a pizza oven.

Explorer 14 Product Features

  • 3 ft. hose and regulator
  • 14” 2 burner stove
  • Two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. cast-aluminium burners
  • Appliance-style temperature controls
  • Compatible with most Camp Chef accessories

Perfect for camping

The reason why I got one is that we have 3 kids we do a lot of camping, currently, we take a two-burner BBq and a two-burner stove, which takes up a lot of space and requires 2 gas bottles.

Mainly the stove is used to boil a kettle for coffee, for washing up water up and sometimes a pot of two-minute noodles for the kids, and the majority of our meals are cooked on the bbq.

For camping meals, we like to keep it simple, bacon and eggs for breakfast, sausages on bread for lunch and steak and salad for dinner.

This new system enables us to take just one stove that still enables us to do bbq with a frypan or with the added hotplate and still boil a kettle, and the best bit we only need one gas bottle.

Camp Chef Explorer 14 | The Camp Oven Cook

What’s in the box

  • Explorer 14 Two-Burner Stove
  • Pre connected hose with Australian fitting
  • 4 Removable legs
  • 3-sided windscreen
  • Organizer bag for the legs and windscreen
  • Product Booklet Booklet
Camp Chef Explorer 14 | The Camp Oven Cook
Showing what’s included in the Camp Chef Explorer 14 box

Available Accessories

Watch the Camp Chef Explorer 14 Unboxing video

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