how to get perfect crackling

How to Get Perfect Crackling in the Camp Oven

Do you know how to get perfect crackling for your roast pork? I guess you are here because you’re having trouble getting crackling in the camp oven?

I learnt this easy method from Derek Bullock from Camp Oven Cooking in Australia. It works every time! Follow this simple step by step guide to help you master roast pork in the camp oven!

Step 1 – Buy your piece of roast pork.

Today my choice is an easy carve leg roast from the local supermarket. Choose the size and cut that suits you.

How to get perfect crackling in the Camp Oven

Step 2 – Preheat your camp oven.

I like to preheat my camp oven while I’m getting the pork ready to cook. I just place my camp oven next to the fire. Just remember to rotate it so that it does not get hot spots.

How to get perfect crackling in the Camp Oven

Step 3 – Prepare your piece of meat

Because my roast was cryovaced, I first washed it under cold water and dried it with a paper towel. Then I oiled it and covered it in salt then placed it into the camp oven. I have an aluminium tray sitting on a trivet to allow for easier cleanup.

How to get perfect crackling in the Camp Oven

Step 4 – The important step to get the perfect crackling in the camp oven!

Because of moisture in the camp oven, the key is to crack the lid for the entire cooking process. For the first 20 minutes place double the amount of coals on top, then continue to cook as per normal.

Crack the lid using a piece of wire, in this case, a cut up coat hanger. Place it under the lid for the entire cooking process, this will allow the steam to escape and help create the perfect crackling you are looking for.

Step 5 – Dinner is done!

How to get perfect crackling in the Camp Oven

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    1. Hi Vic, that is all going to depend on you heat control, but generally the same as in a home oven, the best way to check to see if its cooked by stabbing the meat and if the juices are clear it is cooked.

  1. My cousin seen this a while ago and mentioned it on the long weekend as i was cooking a toast pork for everyone. I didn’t have wire so i just rolled up 3 pieces of al foil and stuck them under the lid… worked a treat! Awesome crackle!!

  2. Looks really good ,family been camping & camp oven cooking for years never had decent crackle cant wait to try this method , looks great

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