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Camp Oven Recipes

Explore our delicious range of easy camp oven cooking recipes to elevate your camp oven cooking experience.

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Mick’s Roast
Lamb Recipe

This is Mick’s signature camp oven roast lamb recipe, using the brown sugar marinade as it creates a crispy skin that’s delicious and can be used with lamb shanks.

camp oven lamb shanks

Camp Oven
Lamb Shanks

 This delicious slow-cooked camp oven red wine lamb shank recipe by Shayne Mexon This recipe only requires bottom heat in a camp oven or even in a potjie.

camp oven osso bucco cooking in a camp oven

Camp Oven
Osso Bucco

This beef osso buco recipe by Nathan is absolutely amazing and simpler to cook. This recipe only requires bottom heat in a camp oven or even in a potjie.

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Who Is Mick?

Mick is a loving husband and a father of three boys, who found his love and passion over ten years ago to teach and inspire others to drag out their camp ovens and have a cook up, no matter where they are.

With a lack of educational resources for camp oven cooking available in 2011, mick started on a journey, to create content to help others learn and enjoy cooking camp ovens just like he does.

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