Ranger Nick

Are you serious about wanting to learn camp oven cooking?

Ranger Nick, the “Master of keeping it simple”, shares proven tips, tools and tactics with an open invitation to anyone wanting to learn camp oven cooking but can’t get started. Here’s a dinkum guide to basic camp oven cooking techniques presented by Ranger Nick.

Let’s get started! A guide to successful camp oven cooking.

The DVD not only includes a couple of Ranger Nick’s favourite recipes, but also covers firewood, heat control, charcoal briquettes and cleaning of your camp oven. Of course, Ranger Nick presents this educational DVD in his entertaining and humorous style, enlightening you to the joy and ease of camp oven cooking.

Ranger Nick’s the Guru of Keeping it simple!

Often referred to as the guru of camp oven cooking, Ranger Nick is the master of keeping it simple. A dinky-di country boy, he whips up a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tuckerbox. He has gained quite a reputation as the entertaining Aussie Bush Cook, that sings and has plenty of yarns or poems to tell..

Ranger Nick Bush Cook – DVD

Price: $29.95

To Orderhttp://rangernick.com.au/

DVD Preview Video

Running time: 40min

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