Camp Oven Cooking podcast – Introduction

G’day, I’m Mick the camp oven cook welcome to my first ever dedicated Camp Oven Cooking podcast. I’ll be doing monthly podcasts interviews with special guests, some well known and some who are no so known.

The aim is to inspire others to get out there and have camp oven cook up whether it’s at home or out in the Bush.

I just wanted to let you know about me and why I started this podcast.

Why I started the Camp Oven Cooking Podcast

Back in 2011, when camp oven cooking was dormant in the online space I started on a journey with some mates to educate and inspire others to dust off their camp ovens and get going again.

We went from a couple of videos on youtube to doing demos at caravan shows and even releasing a recipe book, while we did finish up doing it a couple or years ago, Camp oven cooking is very alive.

One thing I’ve realised in my years of doing this, is that there’s so many different opinions on simple things like restoring, seasoning and cooking in them that I wanted to start a podcast to chat and share with others how something so simple as a cast iron pot can be so complicated.

So no matter how you enjoy camp oven cooking, please respect and encourage others just to enjoy camp oven cooking how they please.

Introducing Jamie Hazelden, The Australian Bushman

My first guest, will be the man behind the Australian bushman, Jamie Hazelden. here’s a bit of our chat.

Jamie and Mick - Camp Oven Cooking Podcast
Mick with Jamie the Australian Bushman

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So, till next time on happy cooking.

I’m your host Mick the camp oven cook.

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