How to Store Your Camp Oven

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How to Store Your Camp Oven Correctly and Safely

How to Store Your Camp Oven

In this article, we talk about how to store your camp oven properly. Storing your camp oven correctly ensures your camp oven is clean and rust free ready for your next camping trip, and it’s easy to do!

How to Store Your Camp Oven Correctly and Safely

How to store your Camp Oven

Step One

Oiling your camp oven.

Once you have cleaned your camp oven, you need to oil it this prevents your camp oven from rusting. Lightly oil your camp oven with oil, I like to use spray oil. Then use some good quality paper towel to wipe off the excess.


Step Two

Storing your camp oven.

The best way to store your camp oven is in a camp oven bag. I’m using one from OzTrail as they are cheap and readily available at most camping stores or online. You can also purchase one here: Snowy’s

[TIP] To prevent the lid from bouncing around I use an ockey strap to secure the lid.

Photos by: Australian Outdoor Adventures


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Mick The Camp Oven Cook

Mick The Camp Oven Cook

Mick is an experienced camp oven cook, who loves teaching others how to use a camp oven. Cheers Mick

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6 thoughts on “How to Store Your Camp Oven”

  1. There’s some work in putting these away properly; often they get forgotten about and when they are pulled out next it takes ages to get them ready again to cook with!

  2. I’m trying to come up with a good way to get my camping gear together. I’ll make sure that I store my camp oven properly! That way I know that it’s all ready to go for the next trip.

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